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Entries tagged ‘dreams’

Stress and Coping in the Waking and Dreaming States During an Examination Period


The article analyses dream content for reflections of stress, negative emotions, and coping styles induced by preparing for exams.

Dream Content and Political Ideology


The article by Kelly Bulkeley from the journal Dreaming compares dream reports from subjects who identified themselves as members of the political right and the political left respectively. Hall and Van de Castle content analysis categories are used.



This is a collection of over 16,000 dream reports in English. Provides a search engine and the possibility to draw a random sample of reports.

Manifest Content Analysis of Sleep Laboratory Collected Lucid and Nonlucid Dreams


Jayne Gackenbach analyzes differences between lucid and nonlucid dreams using Hall and Van de Castle’s system.


This site by Adam Schneider and G. William Domhoff, University of California, Santa Cruz, features the quantitative study of dreams.
Contains technical information about methods and findings, examples for coded dreams, hints for students, links etc.
Calvin S. Hall’s (1909-1985) system of content analysis is used and explained.