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Annotations for Mac


Mac software to analyse documents by adding and organising highlights, tags or notes on text passages.



Computer software for the support of text interpretation, text management and the extraction of conceptual knowledge from documents (theory building); supports the qualitative analysis of large bodies of textual, graphical, audio and video data. Application areas include social sciences, economics, educational sciences, criminology, market research, quality management, knowledge acquisition, and theology.

A demo version is provided via download.
You may want to join the discussion and support list or participate in the forum.

CAQDAS Comparison


A comparative overview of the most important computer-assisted qualitative data analyses software packages, ordered by product functions.



The software to assist researchers create, manage, and analyze semi-structured qualitative databases is available free of charge. Data entry templates tailored to questionnaires are supported. Includes FAQ, documentation, and articles.

Choosing a CAQDAS Package


The working paper by Ann Lewins and Christina Silver gives an overview of different types of software for managing textual or qualitative data and describes common and distinctive features of several “Code-based Theory Building” software packages. [PDF]



Code-A-Text is a software package that was written to help in the training of psychotherapists. It was originally designed to facilitate the analysis of therapeutic conversations where clinicians, teachers and research workers wanted to understand the ideas and structures underlying the “texts”. Recently, Code-A-Text has been applied to other types of “texts”, including
process (field notes), responses to open ended questionnaires and metaplan analyses. Soon to be launched is a version which will support the coding of audio files.
Code-A-Text was written by Dr Alan Cartwright, a psychotherapist who is Director of the Centre for the Study of Psychotherapy, University of Kent at Canterbury, UK.

Computer Assisted Qualitative Data Analysis Software (CAQDAS) Networking Project


Provides practical support, training and information in the use of software programs for qualitative data analysis.



Dedoose is a web-based (platform-independent) application for managing and analyzing qualitative and mixed methods research data with special features for collaborating simultaneously and dynamically. After a free full-function 30 day trial period a monthly fee will be charged for months that you actually use the application. The website presents the program features and includes support, publications and case studies.

The Ethnograph


Software for qualitative research and data analysis, facilitates the management and analysis of text based data such as transcripts of interviews, focus groups, field notes, diaries, meeting minutes, and other documents. According to the Ethnograph homepage it is the most widely used software for qualitative data analysis since 1985.
Demo version and documentation available.



Qualitative analysis software for coding, retrieving, and analyzing texts and multimedia data. Additional theory building features. Supports Windows and Mac OS X. Tutorials and a free limited edition are available for download.



Kwalitan is a support program for the analysis of qualitative data, such as the protocols of interviews and observations, or existing written material, such as articles from newspapers, annual reports of enterprises, ancient manuscripts, and so on. In fact, Kwalitan is a special purpose database program. The program has been developed in accordance with the narrowly elaborated procedures of the so called grounded theory approach, in which the researcher tries to generate a theoretical framework by means of an interpretative analysis of the qualitative material.

Download Kwalitan demo version



MAXQDA is a software for qualitative analysis for both Windows and Mac. MAXQDA for Windows was first released in 1989 by Udo Kuckartz. The user interface was translated to more than 10 languages. The software is Unicode-based and works, amongst others, with word documents, PDFs, images, audio and video files. A fully-functional and free 30-days demo version free introductory webinars and online tutorials are available. The extended version MAXQDAplus includes the tool MAXDictio, which can be used for quantitative text analysis. MAXReader is a free read-only version of MAXQDA.



NVivo is a Qualitative Data Analysis (QDA) computer software package produced by QSR International. It has been designed for qualitative researchers working with very rich text-based and/or multimedia information, where deep levels of analysis on small or large volumes of data are required. Works with an interface in English, French, German, Spanish, or Simplified Chinese. A Japanese interface is also available.



A software package for coding, annotating, retrieving and analyzing collections of documents or images. The software comes with integrated statistical and visualization tools, a report manager, and several analysis and retrieval features. The command log documents the analysis process and makes it possible to supervise the analysis, multiple coders are supported. Feature list, screenshots and a trial version are available.



A mailing list for discussion of software for qualitative analysis. Online subscription is possible.



Tool for qualitative analysis of textual, audio, and video data. Requires a Macintosh computer. Includes a demo video, download and an order form.



Qualrus is a general-purpose qualitative analysis program which supports text and multimedia sources. It offers intelligent suggestions throughout the coding process, and comes with a number of advanced tools to help with analysis of data once it has already been coded. Users can customize and automate many tasks by taking advantage of Qualrus’s powerful scripting language. A demo version is available.

Symphony Content Analysis Software


Windows application for the analysis of qualitative data. Includes screenshots, videos, documentation, FAQ, sample projects, and tutorials. A trial version is available for download.

TAMS Analyzer


The TAMS (Text Analysis Markup System) Analyzer is an open source qualitative analysis system for OS X and GNUstep (Linux, BSD, Solaris, etc.). Screenshots, documentation, binaries and sourcecode available.



Transana is a tool for the transcription and analysis of audio/visual data. Version 2.20 has been released on April 3, 2007. Transana is currently supported for Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Me, Windows 98 (Second Edition only) and Macintosh OS-X 10.3 and higher.

Older versions of Transana (version 2.12 and previous) are available for free, the source code is available under the terms of the GNU-GPL.



webQDA is a qualitative data analysis software, allowing for synchronous or asynchronous analysis of qualitative data in collaboration with others from any computer with web access.
At the moment, webQDA is only available in Portuguese.

Weft QDA


An open-source tool for qualitative data analysis. Lists features with screenshots. The manual and tutorials, a Windows installer as well as the source code are available.