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Commonalities, differences and limitations of text analysis software


The review (1999) discusses software classification criteria and compares the capabilities of several selected programs. [PDF]



System for the computer assisted transcription and annotation of spoken language. Different tools are available for download. Contains tutorials, a corpora list, a list of publications, and a Linguistic Annotation Wiki

Software for Content Analysis – A Review


The article from 2003 by Will Lowe, then Harvard University, gives an overview of basic software functions, programs and development environments and discusses choice criteria.

Text Analysis Tools and Techniques


Part of the Guide to Digital Resources 1996-98 by Computers in Teaching Initiative (CTI), Centre for Textual Studies.

Xerox XRCE: Foreign Language Identifier


Online demonstration of a language guesser, currently guessing among 47 languages.

Yoshikoder Converter


This application written in Java is a tool for turning Word documents, PDF documents, and web pages into plain text for further analysis.