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Analyzing Newspaper Content: A How-To Guide


The guide published by the Readership Institute deals with the preparation, implementation, and interpretation of an analysis. Presents Readership Institute tools and contains national comparison data for US daily newspapers. Available as PDF document.



An Internet mailing list for the discussion of content analysis. Subscription is possible by using a web form or by sending an e-mail.

“CONTENT went online in 1994 and currently has more than 1,600 members. CONTENT welcomes discussion of the theoretical, methodological, and technological aspects of quantitative text and image analysis. Appropriate topics for discussion include: software and hardware for content analysis; research design in content analysis (e.g., sampling issues, coding instruments and protocols); statistics for content analysis; teaching content analysis; and the role of content analysis in an era of online information flows and interactive media.”

Gary King: Content Analysis


Articles on automated information extraction systems.



The glossary explains terms used in computer aided content analysis. This is an extended version of an appendix from the TextQuest manual.

Know Your Audience: Content analysis


The introduction to content analysis techniques deals with the preparation of an analysis, coding and interpretation of results. Includes examples using various types of coding.

The Media and Communications Studies Site


An index to internet-based resources useful in the academic study of media and communication. The textual analysis section covers the following topics: content analysis, discourse analysis, genre theory, ideological analysis, intertextuality, narratology, rhetorical analysis and semiotics.



Resources related to research methods by Sage Publications, including details on relevant books and journals, conferences, organizations, software and mailing lists. Provides free access to a journal ‘article of the month’ and a research methods blog.