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Ebenezer’s software suite for TEI


A collection of free software tools for Windows 95/NT to create, edit and check files marked up according to the principles of the Text Encoding Initiative.

Electronic Tagging of Verse: A Review of the Literature


An article from 1997 by Shane Houdek, Department of English, University of Minnesota.

The OSIS website


The Open Scripture Information Standard (OSIS) is an XML schema for marking up biblical and related text. FAQs, background information and examples are available.

SGML and XML as (Meta-) Markup Languages


A collection of SGML resources. SGML (Standard Generalized Markup Language) is an encoding standard for electronic texts.



This project provides tools to manage an XML-based repository to house, search, browse, and display documents encoded in TEI on the World Wide Web. Contains extensive documentation with an introductory tutorial.

Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) Homepage


The Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) is an international project to develop guidelines for the preparation and interchange of electronic texts for scholarly research.

XML Copy Editor


This free XML editor (released under the GNU General Public License) is available in different languages and in versions for Windows and Linux. Includes download, sreenshots, discussion forum, and online documentation.