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Recent books on content analysis

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A Bibliography of Computational Linguistics and Natural Language Processing


Searchable Bibliography of Computational Linguistics and Natural Language Processing; contains 2568 references, most recent reference from 1989; download possible in BibTeX format (161kB gzip’ed).

This bibliography is part of the Computer Science Bibliography Collection by Alf-Christian Achilles.

CAQDAS bibliography


A bibliography on computer software and qualitative data. This bibliography is updated regularly.

The CLCWeb Library for Research and Information in Comparative Literature and Culture


Contains several bibliographies for comparative literature and culture composed by Steven Totosy.

Content Analysis: Annotated Bibliography


The bibliography of the Colorado State University’s online learning environment, the Writing Studio, lists resources on the conduction of content analysis, methodological issues, and research examples.

Content Analysis in Anthropological Research


The focus of this annotated bibliography by Steve Mizrach is primarily on articles dealing with examples of the use of personal computers by anthropologists for content analysis of written texts.

Content Analysis of Verbatim Explanations Research


A listing of Dr. Martin E.P. Seligman’s books, articles and manuscripts on the CAVE technique including links to article abstracts.

CONTENT publication alerts and bibliographies


CONTENT Publication Alert (CPA) is a service provided to members of CONTENT, an Internet mailing list for the discussion of content analysis.

“CPA provides timely summaries of new publications on content analysis. CPA covers only publications that focus on content analysis theory and methods; CPA does not include publications that merely apply content analysis, unless these publications also offer substantial discussion of, or innovation in, content analysis methods or theory.”

A bibliography of recent publications that apply or discuss content analysis is distributed bimonthly to CONTENT members.

Developing Linguistic Corpora


Bibliography of a guide by the AHDS (Arts and Humanities Data Service) about the development of linguistic corpora.

Good Reference Guide in Do’s and Don’ts of Computer-Supported Content Analysis


A reference list with short annotations by Robert Hogenraad and Dean McKenzie capturing strategies for the application of content analytical methods and statistics for content-analytic data.

TEXTPACK Applications


Lists a selection of references that describe TEXTPACK applications. Contains German as well as English publications.