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Archive for September, 2008

T-LAB Tools for Text Analysis


The Windows software supports three kinds of methods for text analysis: co-occurence analysis, thematic analysis, and comparative analysis. Describes the features, contains on-line help and a bibliography. Manual and demo version are available for download, the website is available in English, Italian, French and Spanish.

Gary King: Content Analysis


Articles on automated information extraction systems.



The database contains transcript and media data collected from conversations with adults and older children. Focus areas are AphasiaBank, child language, and conversation analysis. Includes tipps and information on digital video and digital audio.



The acronym stands for: Textual Analysis By Augmented Replacement Instructions. This is the open-source, C++ successor to the KEDS program. Contains download and installation instructions for Linux and Macintosh operating systems and hints how to get the software working under Windows.

A content analysis method to measure critical thinking in face-to-face and computer supported group learning


The article in Interpersonal Computing and Technology from 1995 describes the development and application of a category system using indicators of critical and uncritical thinking.

Weft QDA


An open-source tool for qualitative data analysis. Lists features with screenshots. The manual and tutorials, a Windows installer as well as the source code are available.

Know Your Audience: Content analysis


The introduction to content analysis techniques deals with the preparation of an analysis, coding and interpretation of results. Includes examples using various types of coding.

Ethnographic Content Analysis


The PDF article by David L. Altheide compares quantitative content analysis (QCA) and ethnographic content analysis (ECA) and gives an example of an ECA study.

Symphony Content Analysis Software


Windows application for the analysis of qualitative data. Includes screenshots, videos, documentation, FAQ, sample projects, and tutorials. A trial version is available for download.